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Halloween decor

>> Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is the first year we decided to deck our house with spooky decor for Halloween.

We added Hanging bats to the Patio. We taped the caution tape on the door, added some infested pumpkins and spider webs, parked a witches broom near the door and now the house looks haunted!
My daughter decided to add some fall leaves. I think its a great touch and its free.

Here is a picture of our patio.
Some close ups....
  A  picture of the front door
Can't wait to welcome(scare) some trick or treaters.
Have a Spectacular Halloween! BOO!                


My living room - almost done

>> Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hi everyone,

Its been a really long time I have written a post. I have been really busy for the last couple of months. A big thank you to all the followers for staying with me.

I just happened to put finishing touches on my living room. This is the first room you happen to see when you enter the room. I wanted it to be bright and cheerful. The design for this room started with my love for the color pink. Then I fell in love with this lovely pillow I found on Etsy and now  it sits on my neutral colored couch.

I wanted to add some pattern and I found the perfect slipper chairs that I found on Amazon.

Room resources: The acrylic table is from CB2 and does not take a lot of visual space. The curtains  are from Crate and Barrel. I had been looking for a rug for quite a long time and when I saw this one in Urban Outfitters, I fell in love with it. Just the right  amount of graphic element to tie everything in the room together.

I love Esty and I have mentioned these to a lot of people a million time. I loved this abstract painting that I found in an Etsy store , but the colors were not right. I asked the artist if he could change the colors to match my decor and he gladly did.

I do need to add an end table and a lamp on the other side of the couch. planning to do that soon!

This room does not get used much but it is one of my favorite rooms in the house!

**  In home interior design consultation provided **


photography in Kauai

>> Friday, March 9, 2012


My kitchen nook

>> Thursday, October 20, 2011

I know I have gone missing for a while. I hope you missed me.

This project has been on my to-do for a long time now. I always wanted to have a command centre in my kitchen. I even shared my inspiration in an earlier post here.

I am happy to say I am finally done with it. The calendar is from the wall organizer section in pottery barn. It definitely help keep me on track.  The cork tiles are from target I thought it was a neat way to display my daughter's artwork.

There is lots more that I need to share.


healthy school lunch ideas

>> Friday, August 19, 2011

Want simple ideas that can make lunch fun for your kids? check out Bento Fun.

Family Fun has some great sandwich ideas that I really loved.

The visual guide  has some easy to make and nutritious vegetarian lunch ideas. 

Veg Kitchen has a number of muffin recipes that are a great alternative to sandwiches and include veggies like carrot and zucchini.

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Photo Credits: Bento Fun


6 ways to utilize the space under the staircase

>> Monday, August 15, 2011

Ever wonder what to do with the awkward space under the stairs? Here are some great ideas to inspire you.  

A lot of houses have stairs that lead from the garage to the main floor. The space below the stairs would be perfect to create an organized mudroom. Add tall cabinet and cubbies to keep everyone organized.
 Add drawers or doors to create much needed storage space. 

Add open shelves for displaying your books or your favourite collections.

Create a cozy home office. Add shelves for more storage. 

 Create a cozy nook to read a book or take a nap!

A perfect cellar to store your favourite pinot noir!

Hope you feel inspired to reclaim the precious real estate underr the stairs. If yes, join me on GFC/Facebook/Twitter for more decor ideas.


Target + Pottery barn = kitchen command center

>> Monday, August 8, 2011

I have been a little busy these days getting things ready for my daughters birthday party. I have come to realize I need a command center to keep track of activities, parties and things to buy all in one place. We also need a place for hanging Trisha's art. I bet there will be a tones once she starts kindergarten this fall. It would be nice to have someplace to organize the mail .

I think since we spend a lot of our time in the kitchen, The wall in the kitchen nook is suited best for this purpose.

Here is the inspiration. I love how ribbon trim has been added . What a nice finishing touch!

Here is the plan of attack. I already have the 12"x12" corkboard squares from target. I love the modular wall organizers from Pottery Barn.

Once I am done with the party. I am going to work on the project. Hope to upload the pictures soon.

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